Container Gardening For Beginners

Container Gardening For Beginners

Container gardening for beginners. Dress up your patio or balcony, or garden with dazzling containers and pots.

Container gardening is a snap with these simple easy container gardening basic guidelines for beginners.

Beautiful containers can only happen if they are planted properly.

Here is the scoop on soil, pots, and the little things that help plants thrive.

Plants need good potting mix to thrive.

How can you spot a good potting mix? Pick up the bag, and if it’s light and fluffy, like moist sawdust, it’s probably fine.

If it is heavy and feels like wet dirt, keep looking.

A Beautiful Flower Container

Container Gardening Tip

Cover the surface with mulch. Not only does it decorate the pot, it also reduces soil splashing and conserves water.

Simple wood or bark is fine, but try other materials, such as, my favorite, rocks, for a more decorative look.


Soil For Container Gardening

Use quality Potting Soil. Always use potting mix, never garden soil.

And although it’s tempting to reuse potting mix, it cost money after all, plants will grow more robustly and flower much better and have fewer diseases, with fresh mix.

When you plant mix in some slow-released fertilizer and 1/4 cup Epson salt.


Pots For Container Gardening

In larger pots, more than 12 inches across, you may want to displace soil to decrease overall weight to keep it light.

To do this, place an upside down plastic pot or packing peanuts in the pot’s bottom. It will do the trick.

In smaller pots, fill completely with soil for good root growth.

Pots must have drainage holes for excess water to pass through.

A pan to hold to hold the drain water prevents staining on your deck or patio.

However you must empty the pans and never let the pots stand in water. This is critical.



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