Flower Garden Plants

Flower Garden Plants

Flower garden plants, the best perennnials for your flower garden landscaping. Like old friend, perennial flowers grow more beautiful as years go by.

Listed below are many perernnial flower favorites for various types of flower gardens.

Perennial plants will be the backbone of your flower garden because they have staying power.

Their leaves die back as winter approaches, but they come back each year.

Some plants are short-lived, but old favorites like daylilies, hostas, and peonies can thrive for decades.

Daylilies and Rusian Sage Flowers

Start a Flower Garden

When you begin your flower garden, it’s easy to think that once your plants are in the ground, weeding, watering and cutting back each season finishes your gardening work.

But here is what really happens: The first year your new plants are underwhelming, the clumps small and flowers are sparse.

By the second year, you’ll see more flowers and better growth.

But in the third season your plants look like they’re on steroids, and you look like an accomplished gardener.

The Right Plants For Your Garden

Some choices are purely aesthetic such as matching plant combinations and colors.

Others are horticultural for example, what grows best in your garden conditions.

The more closely you meet your plants light requirements, soil and moisture levels, the more successful your flower garden will be.

Old Perennial Favorites

Hosta Plant
A very popular shade loving perennial that is very easy to grow.

Daylilies are for your sunny flowerbeds. They keep on flowering all season long.

Ferns are perfect for woodland gardens and shade gardens. They have beautiful foilage but no flowers.

Peony Flower
Peonies are extremely long lived garden plants. Very fragrant and beautiful spring flowering in a sunny garden.

The daisies flower around midsummer. This is a must have perennial that is very popular and so easy to grow. Needs a sunny spot.

Russian Sage
A very drought tolerant perennial that can take sandy soil. Needs to grow in a sunny garden.

More Perennial Favorites
For Sunny Gardens

Bearded Iris: Modern cultivars with better color and more flowers.

Cranesbill: It’s a perennial hardy geranium. Charming and indispensable garden plants.

Cushion Spurge: Long blooming flowers for spring.

Daylilies: Hardy perennials and easy to grow favorites.

Dianthus: A perfect low-growing spring flower.

Echinaea: Lots of new looks for coneflowers.

False Blue Indigo: A gorgeous, easy care native flower.

Geranium Rozanne: 2008 perennial of the year and my own favorite hardy geranium.

Lavender: Makes an elegant edgeing plant in drier soil.

Lilies (Lilium): Beautiful, fragrant blooms that mix well with other flowers.

Catmint “Walkers Low”: 2007 perennial of the year. Handsome, compact catmint plant.

Peonies: Colorful, fragrant and fabulous in a garden.

Roses: Discover the allure of rose gardening.

Russian Sage Here is one for hot, dry gardens.

Daisies Classic flowers, easy care plants.

Iris Plants Easy to grow early season flowers.



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