How To Create Perennial Plant Combinations Color

How To Create Perennial Plant Combinations Color

By using a color wheel you can choose plants with confidence for stunning perennial color combinations that will make your garden look fantastic from the start.

Using a color wheel is easy, and it’s available for free at paint stores.

It will help you to make great looking combinations.

Adjacent colors on a color wheel are related to each other by a shared pigment.

Together they form color harmonies so you get pleasing plant combinations.

For example, if you combine related colors like blue, violet and red-violet it will produce a restful perennial combination.

Color Wheel

Opposite colors on the wheel are called complimentary colors.

When they are combined it creates a right dazzling effect.

Combinations By Color

Who can resist a bed overflowing with colorful perennial flowers.

After all, color is the first thing that draws us to a garden.

The way you color can create different moods ina your garden.

I will now show you different approaches to pleasing color combinations.

Single color combinations create a restful and peaceful feeling.

Warm color combinations are bright and exciting.

Cool color themes are so relaxing and give your garden a cool feeling on hot summer days.

Contrasting color combos are real dazzlers.

Color echo combinations use more than one color, but repeat a single plant color throughout to create a harmonious garden. This my own favorite color combination.

Imposing a color theme on a specific area of a garden makes it so much easier to achieve a successful and harmonious design.

It also focuses your plant choice, eliminating a large number of plants right at the start.

Color associations to avoid are orange and pink, orange and lilac, lilac and red, and yellow and pink



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