Climbing Flowering Vines

Climbing Flowering Vines

A selection of the best climbing flowering vines for your garden arbors or a trellis.

Perennial climbing vines are perfect for arbors and can be trained on many garden structures.

When decorating your garden with climbing vines with flowers, you can wrap pergolas, arches, and metal trellises with scented flowering vines and lush foilage to create stunning displays.

Climbers need not be limited to borders and beds – containers of all shapes and sizes can provide interesting homes for them, too.

As long as they have drainage holes, almost anything goes.

A large, deep container planter gives fragrant sweet pea vines the deep root run they need to sprint up a metal or bamboo tripod and smother it with pink and blue flowers.

Climbing Vine Varieties

Billardiera longiflora
An evergreen climbing flowering vine with dainty, greenish yellow, pendant flowers during summer.
These are followed by glossy berries, usually purple-blue, but also red, pink or white.
In colder regions, this plant is best grown in a conservatory.
Height up to 10 feet. Sun or part sun.

Campsis tagliabuana
The trumpet vine is a vigorous deciduous climber. Rich green leaves and orange-red trumpet-shaped flowers in late summer.
Grow against a sunny wall on sturdy horizontal wires.
Height 30 feet. Full sun only

Cabaea scandens
The cup and saucer vine is an evergreen perennial that is usually grown as an annual.
It has large, fragrant bell-shaped flowers with distinctive “saucers” that open a creamy green before turning purple.
The foilage is quite dense. Height 30-70 feet. Part sun or part shade.

Codonopsis convolvulacea
This perennial vine has twining stems adorned with bluish violet, occasionally white, flowers in summer.
You should provide a twiggy support and a sheltered spot to protect the brittle stems from breaking in the wind.
To over-winter plants in cold areas, apply a thick mulch.

Eccremocarpus scaber
An evergreen, perennial, and one of the fast growing climbing flowering vines, that is perfect for an obelisk or wall-mounted trellises. It’s divided leaves are almost fernlike. Orange-red tubular flowers cover the plant from late spring until fall. Height 10-15 feet. Full sun only.

The morning glory vine will give you a feast of summer color. Ipomoea tricolor ‘Heavenly Blue’ has lovely blue trumpet like flowers. Ipomoea purpurea offers either purple, magenta, pink or white blooms. Grow from seed each year. Height 10-15 feet. Full sun.

Jasmine officinale
The common jasmine vine has attractive fine fern like foilage and star-like, heavenly scented, small white flowers. In cold winters, plants may die back, but will reshoot from ground level in spring. One of my favorite climbing flowering vines.
Height 40 feet. Full sun to part sun.

Lathyrus latifolius
In summer, this perennial sweet pea’s stems are covered with pink-purple flowers. The foilage has a blue-green color. The stems need to support to reach its full height. For pure white flowers grow ‘White Pearl’, and for pink flowers grow ‘Rose Perle’. Height 6 feet. Full sun or part sun.

Lathyrus grandiflorus
This everlasting sweet pea is a perennial with bright green leaves, but the stars are the racemes of pink, fuchsia, blue and red flowers in summer. The flowers a re a bit less perfumed than L.odoratus. Its tendrils will take hold of any support, such as canes, stems or a wire trellis. Height 5 feet. Full sun or part sun.

Lathyrus odoratus
This sweet pea is an annual climbing flowering vine that is most noted for its heady fragrance. It will perfume a whole room, if put in a vase. It uses its tendrils to climb nearby support. There are many named varieties producing flowers in a wide range of colors. Many are grown for cutting. Height up to 6 feet. Full sun or part sun.

Lonicera x heckrottii
A twining honeysuckle that is semi-evergreen in most climates, but otherwise deciduous. In summer it produces fragrant flowers that are pink on the outside and orange-yellow inside. Provide a sturdy support that can handle the weight of a mature plant. Height 15 feet. Full sun or part sun.

Lonicera periclymenum

One of the most fragrant of climbing flowering vines, this honey suckle grows vigorously through large shrubs and trees, or over arches and pergolas. The foilage is lush in spring with purple-streaked white flowers in mid-to late summer. It’s the most fragant in the evenings. Height 22 feet. Full sun or part sun.

Thunbergia alata
‘Black Eyed Susan’ is a very decorative evergreen perennial vine. It’s most often grown as an annual for its profusion of bright orange-yellow blooms with distinctive black eyes. It’s great to grow in a large pot with an inserted metal trellis. Height 8 feet. Full sun only.

Tropaeolum speciosum
The ‘Flame Keeper’, so called because of its fiery red flowers. It’s a dramatic addition to a garden for sure. The vivid, spurred blooms, flower in summer until fall. The flowers wants sun, but the roots prefer shade. S plant someting at the bottom to shade them. Height 10 feet. Full sun or part sun.

Clematis Vine
There are more than 200 species and most are deciduous vines. The attractive blooms come in a wide variety af shapes and colors. Clematis need 5-6 hours of sune per day to produce the most blooms. They prefer to have their roots shaded. Plant the smaller clemtis varieties under under your roses and let them scramble up the rose bush or a climbing rose.
Height varies per species. Sun.

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