Garden Planting Guide

Garden Planting Guide

This is my planting guide for different types of plants and garden planting situations. It will help you create a beautiful garden.

These planting guides for many situations you may have, will provide you with lots of information and helpful tips for planting your own garden so it will turn out great.

The first and most important step is you must create the best soil environment for your plants roots.

This will encourage the feeder roots to spread out into the surrounding soil where they will take up water and nutrients.

Always remember that all plants must grow below, before they can grow above.

All plants will thrive and grow the best in a suitable and well prepared site that you have amended with organic composted manure (available in bags at garden centers).

So therefore, the better the soil, the faster they’ll become established. Never plant without great soil prep. If you do, all your work will be done for nothing, unless you are blessed with amazing rich soil.

A Beautifully Planted Perennial garden

Guide For Planting Basics

  • Before Starting to Plant, clear the site of any weeds. They compete for water and nutrients, beside making your garden messy.
  • Make sure that each plant has room to grow to its full size. Planting too tight is a big mistake that many new gardeners make and regret later.
  • Check the Mature Height and Spread on the plant label and mark it out around each planting hole. You can fill the gaps with fast growing annual bedding plants until the permanent plants mature.
  • If a Plant Outgrows its Space, transplant it in the fall or spring only. Dig it up carefully, saving as much of the root mass as possible, and replant it in a site that has been prepared.
  • Plants Always Look the Best and more natural in a flower border when grouped in odd numbers, such as 3 or 5. Don’t plant oncies, unless it’s for a focal point plant.
  • Plant Bare-root Plants in spring so they can establish themselves before summer. Soak the roots 4-8 hours in a bucket of water before planting.
  • Root-balled Plants are best planted in the fall or in the spring. After soaking the root ball, remove the netting and tease out the roots gently.
  • Both Root Balled and Bare Root Plants should be planted with the old soil mark level with the surface.

Planting Guides
Different Planting Situations

Planting in Containers

Most plants are happy to grow in containers, but they demand a lot more attention and care than if you would have grown them in the ground. This page will show you how to do it successfully and easy.

Fall Planting Guide

Grab your shovel, fall is a great time to start planting. The fall planting season is a relaxing alternative to the planting frenzy of April and May. Many fall days are pleasant and sunny. It’s a great time to spend working in the garden.

How To Plant A Garden

A very basic guide with easy tips for planting your very own garden that will look beautiful.

Seed Planting Guide

Sowing seeds in containers is fun and will save you a great deal of money. Most plants are easy to raise from seeds, especially of you follow my instructions on this page.

Planting A Flower Garden

Step by step instructions for planting a beautiful flower garden. Give your plants a good start in life by following my easy flower planting guide. Your plants will grow stronger, healthy and produce lots of flowers that will bloom longer.

Planting Sunflowers

Sunflowers have always been the favorite flower to plant for a childs garden. These annuals and perennials are grown for their tall, and huge yellow flower heads that are as large as dinnerplates sometimes.

Planting A Rock Garden

“Rock out” to low maintenance gardening. Create a rocky cascade garden, or a flat rock garden. Expert tips for how to plant a rock garden that looks spectacular.

How To Plant A Shade Garden

Shade garden favorites. Shade planting ideas that you would want to use in your own shady spot. And a pre-planned garden with great shady plant selections to get your shady area off to a good start.



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