Tips For Camping In Rain Forests

Tips For Camping In Rain Forests

Camping in a rain forest is a once in a lifetime experience that gives you a story to tell your entire life. However, you need to make adequate preparations to have a memorable trip. You need to be prepared for the frequent rains, warmth and the humidity of rain forests.

Things to take along in your trip to the rain forest

When preparing for your trip to the rain forest, there are a couple of things, which you need to take a long for a memorable stay in your camp. The aim is to make your trip enjoyable and fun; the preparation you make for your trip makes it successful. You need to be ready for the rains in the forest and as a camper; you should expect instances of warmth and humidity requiring you to pack in accordance to the conditions you expect in the forest.

Your passport is a crucial necessity for going into a different country for your rain forest camping. Keep it safely in a dry place to save yourself from any legal complications. You also need to carry adequate amounts of toiletries since in the forest; you will not find any close by stores from where you can pick your toiletries. Pack things like toothpaste, shampoo, soap, hairbrush and toilet paper. You also need a high SPF sunscreen to protect you from the sun if you plan to go hiking.

The rain forest is warm and humid and that means that the choice of your clothing requires consideration. Some lightweight T-Shirts, pants and shorts and probably a poncho or a thin rain jacket are good for a go. Since there will be a lot of walking, you need breathable shoes and some sandals to give your feet the desired comfort. Insect repellants are also useful for camping in the middle of rain forests. This is a help for dealing with insects, which comes handy if used hand in hand with some anti-itch sprays in case of insect bites.

Always pack your prescription medication in case you are on any during you time for camping in the forest. If you think you would need some over the counter drugs, always buy and pack them in advance. You also need to have a first aid kit as part of your camping possessions for any instances of emergency that you may face during your vacation.

Pack a tent with a rain guard to keep yourself protected. You also need to bring something that you can sleep on in the tent and a waterproof sleeping bag will do you so much good. Also, consider taking some cooking equipment because there are no restaurants in the forest. Make a checklist to guide you through the packing process so you do not forget anything important that you will need to make your trip enjoyable.



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