Monsoon Camping Ideas

Monsoon Camping Ideas

The jungle is an adventurous place for camping. However, you always need to take precaution for you to ensure your safety during your trip. With a few tips, you can make your monsoon camping experience unforgettable.

Staying safe during a monsoon camping trip

For any camping trip, your safety should always come first for you to come from the trip and tell all the wonderful experiences of the trip. It is only through adequate planning that you can enjoy the fun in the jungle because it contains many dangers and challenges, which may ruin your trip. However, always stay prepared for any eventualities that may arise and with some of this tips, you will stay in good stead during your monsoon trip.

The choice of campsite is very important during monsoon camping. This is an opportunity for protecting your life and even your property. For example, during the monsoon, it is advisable not to camp so close to a river. You risk facing a flooded river, which could wash away your campsite and even put you in some serious dangers. This is despite the fact that having your camp close to a water point helps you in cleaning and washing during your trip.
When choosing a spot for pitching your tent, always do it on a flat ground. If you have to put it on a sloppy ground, make sure you sleep with your head on the raised side to avoid suffering from the effect of excess blood flow into your head, which can lead to nausea or headache. Having your tent under tree of medium size can help in offering protection to your monsoon tent against dew and rain.

Having mosquito repellants is necessary to keep yourself from their nuisance and bites. Leeches are also an ordinary sight in monsoon camps and you can look out for lotions to aid in removing them. You should never try to pull them out because that can lead to serious injury. After all, the bite from leeches should not worry you because it is sterile though you need to take caution as they suck blood.

Your safety during a monsoon trip is as important as on any camping trip during any other season. Plan and have a checklist for ensuring that you have all you will need during the trip. You should never forget things like spotlights as they aid your seeing when darkness falls. Always have a prior knowledge of where you are going to camp and keep yourself updated to weather reports to avoid any dangerous surprises. Having a radio with you can give updates and keep you posted on all-weather issues around your camping spot.



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