Summer Camping Thoughts!

Summer Camping Thoughts!

If you are planning to go camping this summer these tips would keep you safe and make the trip enjoyable.

Are you planning to go for camping this summer? Have you taken enough precautions and planning so that the trip becomes hundred percent safe and entertaining? Some tips on camping would make your trip cool and safe.

Always carry a well stocked first aid box: You never know how, when or where somebody can get hurt. So, each time you go camping, you need to take a well stocked first aid box, with all the essentials like cotton, band-aid, bandage, scissors, ointment, essential medicine for emergency situations, and such other things ready. You also need to take insect and mosquito repellant to prevent any bug from biting your trip members or driving you crazy by coming near you. Also take an immobilization bandage to ensure safety against snake and mouse spider bites. You can also rub a mosquito bite with a piece of dry soap.

Ensure your drinks and foods are always cold: Though this thing sounds very basic, but if the food and drinks are not properly chilled then those will become inedible, gross, and fatal for consumption. The camping trip would become a disaster if someone falls ill because of food poisoning.

Look carefully before setting up the camp: Before finalizing the camp site you need to look around and decide. You need to ensure that the site is at a cool and shady place, safely away from the blazing sunrays. You also need to check whether there are any anthills near the camp location. If you are not too careful then the camping would go down the drains with several members yelling in pain from ant bites.

Keep plenty stock of water: While camping, this is one of the most important things. If you do not want to make life dangerous by becoming dehydrated then keep plenty of water stock with you. A little bit of physical exercise in the warm, summer months can make your body dehydrated fast. Make sure to give the kids plenty of water all through the day. Do not depend on availability of clean water on the campsite; rather, take more than necessary water with you. Even there is clean and safe water available, always sterilize it before drinking.

Read the rules: In many places, the forest reserves and national parks ban use of fire on the campsites, because during summer there is more occurrence of bushfire. So, check out the rules carefully and plan your trip likewise, so that you do not fall into legal trouble.



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