My Ikea Dressing Area + Vanity

My Ikea Dressing Area + Vanity

Oh hello. I know…it’s been forever since we last saw each other. But I’m still here and back with a fabulous space makeover from our bedroom.

A tiny corner of our bedroom which I deemed “my dressing area” pretty much consisted of a full length mirror tilted against the wall. I’ve always wanted a dressing table. There is just something so intrinsically glamorous about having a special space just to get yourself ready in the morning, or for an evening out. Of course having the space in your bedroom for such a luxury is another story. I’ve always settled for parking a stool at the bathroom counter but after coming across the Micke desk at Ikea I was giddy. It was the perfect size, minimal in design, featured a drawer and being a desk and all – a spot for cable management.

The revamped space: Hello Beautiful! 

And then this happened. I found the most perfect swiveling white leather stool at Home Goods.


I lined the drawer (naturally) with some metallic leopard print wrapping paper, also found at Home Goods.

I repurposed this acrylic magazine file into a holder for my styling tools. I love the clean, minimal look.

I scooped up a few fun beauty items as well. This set of make-up brushes and compact from Forever 21 are surprisingly decent quality for the price.
Another thing that I’ve been wanting is a confetti wall. I had my heart set on gold, but I think the silver adds a more subtle elegance to the space. I whipped up some artwork during my daughter’s nap, which was inspired by this mug from Indigio.




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