Tropical Climates and Camping – Tips to Make Your Experience Memorable

Tropical Climates and Camping – Tips to Make Your Experience Memorable

Summary: Camping in tropical climates is much more than just hot weather. If you have never been to such a region, read up a lot. It’s not that easy. However, some homework and a few tips will keep you on track.

Camping is fun, no doubt. However, camping in tropical climates is more than just hot weather. If you stay in a generally cool climate, tropical climates can get to you. Whether you are backpacking, base camping, or primitive camping, you should know about certain things that are important while camping in these regions. While camping, keep all the strenuous activities for early morning and after sunset. When it’s the hottest, just relax. Dehydration is a problem in the tropical regions. Make sure you drink a lot of water throughout the day. Beware of heat strokes. It might even prove to be fatal.

Points to Keep in Mind

The Sun – Tropical regions are sunny and hot. The sun rays are so strong that you can get sun burns within minutes of skin exposure. Always use a strong water-resistant sunscreen before going out in the sun. Apply sunscreen all over your body. If you take a dip in the waterfall or sweat a lot, keep applying. In tropical regions you can even get sunburn with the clouds in the sky. The UV rays burn gentle skin.

Insects and Wildlife – Tropical climates, breed a mosquitoes and a lot of other insects. Insect stings are common in these camping locations. Spiders and snakes are common too. Insect repellent lotions are a must here. Read about the area well. Know about its wildlife and insects and measures to keep them away from you. The place where you camp should be carefully checked. Insect repellent candles are a must. Protect food supplies from insects.

Foods – Foods kept at room temperatures spoil easily in tropical climates. Cooked and raw food items must be kept in coolers. Thus, the food you carry is very important. Meat, seafood, and foods containing eggs have to be protected from the heat. Carry dry food items as your second choice. Food poisoning is quite common here. Make sure you do not have stale food.

Activities – This actually depends where you are travelling to. Tropical climates can be draining for you especially if you are not accustomed to intense heat and high humidity. So a trip to the tropics can quickly turn into something really tiring. Your adventurous side might suffer a setback. Therefore, read up on the activities of that region and plan accordingly.

Keep in mind the weather. Thunderstorms and tropical storms are common in these regions. Good luck!



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