7 Makeup Tips To Make Your Nose Look Smaller And Thinner

7 Makeup Tips To Make Your Nose Look Smaller And Thinner

Nature has deigned to give most of our body parts with some function or the other and the duty of the nose is to act as a breathing device. The nose also ensures that the air that we breath in comes filtered and cleaner than if we inhaled through the mouth. However, that is not what we are going to discuss in this post. In fact, if anything we are going to be about how the nose looks and to ensure that if your nose is larger than you wished for or suited your facial features, then the ways in which you can make it look smaller and thinner.

A nose is an important feature of the face and this is proven by how popular real nose job before and after pictures are. And in this case, we are talking about people who are actually unhappy with their nose size because it is really too big and thick for their facial features. Then only should you look at makeup tips to make your nose look smaller and thinner.

To ensure that you are not simply resorting to makeup tricks to reduce the size of your nose because of some imagined woes, do check out different nose shapes considered most attractive and determine which type you have. And you will definitely thank us for these makeup tricks to make your nose smaller and thinner, when you check and find out how much does a nose job cost.

7 Makeup Tips To Make Your Nose Look Smaller And Thinner

Use foundation that is matt and darker: You need to place this darker foundation in lines between your eyebrows and down to both sides of your nose. Of course, you need to blend well once you apply the darker foundation on the sides of your nose.

Apply shimmery blush to your cheeks: A little shimmer on to your cheeks can make the nose look smaller and draw the eye away from the larger nose that you are working so hard to work with.

Try bronzer: This is another option that will really work to make your nose look smaller and thinner but you have to ensure that the shade is subtle and matches the tone of your skin.

Tone down the shine on your nose: One of the worthiest tips that you will find is that the toning down the shine on your nose goes a long way to make it look less obvious. That is why you should carefully apply some matte makeup on to your nose once you are done with the rest of your makeup.

Contour: This means that you need to apply a darker shade of makeup than the tone of your skin and then apply your usual shade to blend it. This kind of subtle contouring can help your nose look smaller and thinner.

Use loose powder to your advantage: Once you are done with your makeup, the best step is to use loose powder to set the whole look because as we said earlier, shine on the nose is something to be avoided at all costs.

Make your lips shimmer: As we have said earlier, then it makes sense to draw the eye of the onlooker away from the nose on other features like the lips. That is why we say that one of the best tips that we can leave you with is to make your lips pop with shimmer and color.

The nose though an important part of your facial features need not become an obsession. In fact, the more you work around this feature, the better you will look.



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